A unique and most attractive festival that promises to place the spotlight on the island of Biak, located in the northern part of Papua : the Biak Munara Wampasi (BMW) Fesival will take place from 1-4th July 2015 in the village Mnurwar, in the subdistrict of Oridek, in the District Biak Numfor. This enthralling festival will include a Traditional Festival of traditional activities that can be participated by all onlookers, among which is the fish catch following the local traditional ways, known here as snap mor. There will also be diving and underwater photographic competitions, a Padaido Island Tour, Biak Exotic Tour, the apen bayeren ritual walking on burning charcoal and an exhibition of Papua’s famous exotic orchids and handicrafts

# Saruri Cape, North of Biak-Papua

# Bosnik Beach, is located on the eastern side of Biak Island in Woniki village, East Biak, Biak Numfor district


Parai Beach Apart of from fantastic panorama, this beach has an important historical background..

Meanwhile kids spending their holiday elsewhere, the kids in Anggaduber, East Biak, Papua spending their holidays fishing for fish to be eaten with their family. They are survivors.



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